I see there was a white pride rally broken up this weekend in Virginia. All I have heard about since the damn election is how #blacklivesmatter and every other ethnicity seems to matter while the white population gets marginalized and here it comes! The inevitable #whitelivesmatter !

What I want anyone reading this to realize it that (to me) American lives matter. I am 100% against Islam, and it is being used as a tool to take down the United States and Europe. Just watch.

Now, what is the best way to defeat a group of enemies? Come on…. you all know this term…. Divide and conquer! What are the race specific groupings doing to the united states creating groups such as black lives matter, latino groups, arabic groups, and now whites are finally having to stand up and say,”you know what? I really don’t feel bad for being a white guy!” .

We are being divided up and prepared to be conquered. The next step will be to let us implode on ourselves defending our oh so special races just before we get swamped with Muslims who we will not (at that point) be able to beat or control in any form.


My Take on This Sick World

Lets just start off with saying I am going to use this blog to blow off steam on the current status of the world around me. My projects, world events, personal point of view and anything else I feel like writing about at the time.

I’m currently going through a divorce and in between taking care of two young boys and a business, I plan on decompressing through writing here as much as I can remember to do so. I think I will also be keeping video blogs but this is a start.

Stay tuned for plenty of shit I have to say that I’m sure you will not agree with as well as my take on things that currently piss me off that are going on all around our country currently that need to stop.