The Devil’s Lab Mission Statement:

The founding idea of the devils lab is to make practical applications of lesser-known theories. It my personal belief that in order to survive within the given constraints of society we do not necessarily need to completely exceed those around us, as much as we need to better understand our surroundings, and better use them to our benefit. I expect anyone who takes part in this project to stand their ground amongst the ever-flowing river of idiocy and misunderstanding, and be clever enough to not only survive, but also prevail, within it.

Anton Lavey once said,” You don’t have to be the best sinner in the world, just be the best sinner on your block.” This saying has inspired me to create a place where my brother, my son and I have already been playing with scientific theories, creating “mad science “ projects, and basically making the best with what we have and being the best we can at it.

This project set out to be My 3 year old son (now 8) decided he wanted to be an evil genius and started creating his versions of monster robots, death-rays and live-forever guns to propel himself into world domination. My brother has researched and experimented with alternative fuels, blacksmithing and machine shop tinkering as well as physical fitness techniques ever since he was a little boy. Sadly enough, belongs to some useless whelp that has yet to even put it to good use. Well, they may have taken the URL from us but they cannot take the evil genius from within us! We will simply have to operate from within The Devils Lab.

Personally, I have studied the theories of evolutionary psychology and the workings of the human mind most of my adult life. I have studied martial arts, put myself through school (more than once) and started and currently own and operate my own businesses. This may not have left me on top of the world but I am certainly in a very calculated position where I am free to tinker with my brother and my son in the garage at will. (How many people can say that?)

With the devil’s lab we started out to play and make youtube videos for comical purposes only, but as we progressed we realized that some people might actually like to learn more about some of the things we are having fun with! So as you watch the videos, please, keep in mind that this is for our amusement as well as yours (even though you might see some very powerful tactics used.) they are for entertainment purposes only. I personally fund this entire project so the videos are not necessarily on a regulated timeframe.

The devils lab hopes to include projects encompassing but not limited to:

As we proceed we will keep video blogs of our progress. If you have an idea that would make for a fun application of taking a lesser known theory and making use of it please send all correspondance to:


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